Tuesday, August 11, 2015

AND THE WINNER IS... Zach McVay and his story is remarkable.  Oh, and he walked away with a free SAR12!

The rules of the sniper contest were simple.  Whomever puts the most rounds on paper at 75 yards (laser range verified) wins; however, there was one exception.  One of the event hosts by the name of Josh Kline was gracious enough to be a mobile target at ranges between 80-90 yards.  His distance from shooter and speed of walk was all uncontrolled, more or less a roaming sentry.  His movement was left/right perpendicular to the shooters.  To garner points, the shooters had to hit this moving target in the head, which had the same value as a bullseye on paper.  All shooters had 12 shots.

Atmospheric conditions

Temperature: 70-75 Deg F
Wind: Variable 5-15 mph
Wind Direction: Variable 6-11 o'clock
Elevation: 8,160 ft

To make life easier for the participants, all of which never shot a SAR12/ SAR12C prior, the scope was zeroed at target range.  To win the competition the shooter would have to use Kentucky windage to compensate for the above variables.  To hit the 75 yard target the shooters would have to move off target as much as 6-12 inches depending on wind speed and direction.

Engaging the moving sentry took much more focus and trigger control.  If the sentry was moving in the same direction as the wind the shooter would hold off target just a few inches.  If the sentry was walking into the wind the shooter would have to hold off a greater amount as the wind would push the round into the target.  With all the above to consider, the shooter now has to estimate ballistic drop and use a different point of aim on the vertical axis.

In the end, all of this together makes for a difficult contest; however, our winner was able to put two rounds on the moving sentry's head.  Exceptional shooting by a guy that never picked the rifle up prior to.  He is welcome to join us and other sniper teams at the ODX SNIPER COMPETITION in Hickory NC.  He would fit right in!



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