Monday, June 20, 2016



These bolt handle assemblies are currently being installed on 2016 SAR12C models; however, we wanted to offer them for previous years of the SAR12/ SAR12C owners.
These gen two bolt back assemblies are designed with two major changes from the original: 

First: Externally they have been designed to better reinforce the mounting point of the bolt handle and the pivot ring.  This change came as larger, oversized bolt handles became available through 3rd party vendors.

Secondly: Engineering tolerances, and manufacturing practices were changed to create a near ball bearing like bolt cycle/ action.

Finally:  Internally, we added the ability to adjust valve spring tension.  This is a major advantage for tuning the regulator bell curve to the velocity output, or in paintball related terms, sweet spotting the regulator.

Machined from billet aluminum 7075-T6 and Milspec Anodized.

Order through link below.  Thanks!


$50 USD

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